Managing Board

The Managing Board of VITA at Virginia Law coordinates the activities of law school student volunteers and cooperates with Madison House in order to offer tax preparation services to the local community. Members of the Managing Board serve one-year terms starting in April and ending in April of the subsequent year. Information on the current 2013-14 Managing Board is listed below.
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Current 2013-14 VITA at Virginia Law Managing Board


 Current Position

 Year in Law School

 Austin Jones
 President  3L
 Harrison Taylor    
 Vice President  2L
 Cole Malmberg
 Administrative Director    
 Chris Lisieski
 Site Coordinator  3L
 Michael Albert
 Site Coordinator  3L
 Robert Weedman
 Site Coordinator  3L
 Nora Diamond
 Site Coordinator  2L
 Sam Brickfield
 Administrative Director  2L
 Sarah Reilly
 Site Coordinator  2L
 Charles Green                        
 Site Coordinator  2L            
 Chris Sevedge
 Site Coordinator  2L