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Save Money

Services provided by VITA at Virginia Law and CASH at Madison House are free.

VITA at Virginia Law, CASH at Madison House
- Cost of preparing returns (federal and state): Free
- Cost of e-filing returns: Free
- No Refund Anticipation Loan (RAL)
- All tax preparers have passed at least two IRS certification exams

- Receive 100% of the refund to which you are entitled (if you are entitled to a refund)
- 5-10 business days to receive refund with e-filing and direct deposit (longer for paper check)
- No fees to receive your refund

Wait & Save
By waiting just a few days in January and having your taxes prepared for free by us, you save between $129 and $473+. That's like working up to 65 hours - or 8 full-time days - at Virginia's minimum wage.

What a Paid Preparer Will Cost You
Type of Return
 Federal return + one state return1 $129
 Federal return with itemized deductions + one state return1 $243
 Federal return with self-employment income + one state return1 $341

What a Refund Anticipation Loan (RAL) Will Cost You
 Type of Fee
 Loan Administration Fee2
 Typical 178% APR interest rate on an average refund (7-10 day period)2


What We Will Cost You
 Type of Return or Service3
 Federal return + up to TWO state returns
 Itemized deductions
 Self-employment income
 Capital gains or losses
 Earned Income Credit (EIC)
 Retirement Savings Credit
 American Opportunity Credit
 Lifetime Learning Credit
 Additional Child Tax Credit
 ANY credit, adjustment, or deduction
 Electronically filing (e-filing) your return
 Direct deposit of your refund into your bank account
 Receiving your refund by check

1 Based on average cost nationally or the southeast region of the United States; National Society of Accountants, 2010 Fee Study Summary.
Source: Consumer Federation of America & National Consumer Law Center, Refund Anticipation Loans: Facts & Figures (2006).
2 Within the scope of the VITA program and taxpayer requirements.