Volunteer Resources

 VITA at Virginia Law cannot and does not warrant or guarantee the completeness or accuracy of the information provided. Taxpayers
should consult the IRS and/or their state tax/revenue authority for complete and accurate information.

Training and Certification

2012 training and certification is based on 2011 tax law and tax forms

General resources:
Pub. 4012:   VITA Guide and Quick Reference
Pub. 17:       Individual Income Tax Guide

- browse Link & Learn training modules for required certification levels
- use TaxWise Practice Lab in conjunction with these training modules

Step Two: Sign up for TaxWise Practice Lab
- access a practice version of TaxWise to use during training and certification exams
contact us for the password
- do not lose your user ID

Step Three: Pass VITA Certification Exams

Required Certifications:
- Volunteer Standards of Conduct (5 questions)
- Basic (30 questions)
- Intermediate (20 questions)

Recommended Certifications:
- Site Coordinator (walk-through)
- Foreign Student (3 sections)
- Advanced (15 questions)

Other Helpful Certifications:
- Cancellation of Debt (20 questions)
- Health Savings Account (15 questions)

- save PDFs of certification certificates and volunteer agreement
- send a copy of your volunteer agreement to certification@vitavirginia.org by January 20, 2013

Tax Preparation

 -primary online tax preparation software

-VITA Guide and Quick Reference (2012 version)

-IRS instructions for determining an individual's residency for tax purposes
- six-digit business codes for Schedule C-EZ filers (self-   employed) 
-VITA volunteers cannot file full-form Schedule C, which is outside the scope of the program
- residency status, filing requirements, and locality codes